The elephant tattooed guy in the room.

First things first... I spent years in a suit and tie; it didn't suit me. I am creative, I am unique. That's what you're hiring me for. I live and breathe purpose and creativity.

I am worth having at your classiest event because of what I provide for you. I do always try to dress appropriately. For more upscale events, I'm usually in black pants and a black button up shirt. For more casual shoots, I dress comfortable and casual.

*If you have specific dress requirements, I am usually happy to accommodate the best I can. I do need flexibility and comfort so I can move around and get great shots!


I'm Jeff.

I grew up with camera in hand... My Mother, Grandmother and Aunt were all photographers and I still remember how enthralled I was with photos and camera gear. I loved spending time looking at my mother's prints, photography books and going to art galleries as a child. Photography just spoke to me.

I took my first "award-winning photo" the age of 7 and was always encouraged to do photography. I love that I can capture the world the way I see it. I studied photography & videography in high school and spent hours on end in my grandmother's & school's dark room. I still remember the smell!

My first camera was a Canon AE1 and I used it until digital cameras came out. Today I use the Canon EOS R5 and EOS RP as a backup.

I never stopped taking photos, but my passion for photography went away 17 years ago, when it was absorbed by addiction and alcoholism. Today I'm 14 years clean & sober and not a day goes by that I'm not taking or editing photos or videos. I embrace every day like it's my last... My time is worth everything to me and when I'm photographing with you it is my most important moment.

I spent almost 30 years in web design and marketing and had the privilege of working with models & photographers all over the world.

The past 5 years has been dedicated to experiential education & online classes. I've studied everything from music theory, mixing and mastering, film and video production, film editing, photography and editing. I spend about 1,800 hours per year learning, practicing and pushing myself to improve. For reference, I've been using Adobe photoshop since version 3.0!

My passion outside of photography is music & working with others who struggle with mental health challenges, addiction, homelessness and other life situations.

Today my life is happy and purposeful... My journey continues.  

My other passions...

My weekly volunteer project

Once a week you'll find me in the market square offering to listen and help random people on the street.

My YouTube

In 2021 I started a YouTube series that focuses on helping people with life situations.

My Music

On top of being a photographer and videographer, my other creative outlet includes music. I am a self produced solo artist, composer and recording engineer.

You can hear some of my music HERE