Photography Services

Hi I'm Jeff, nice to meet you. One of the first things I ask when people want to hire me is, have you looked at my work? My clients often hire me for my creativity. It's important that you like my personal style. I offer a wide range of services from wedding photos, event photography, portrait sessions and many business services. I've been doing photography for many years, I also have a background in music, marketing and business consulting. If this sounds good to you let's get in touch so I can help capture your special moments. 

Videography Services

Videography is one of my biggest passions. It's been a challenge learning, but I have the professional skills to create almost anything. I love to create all sorts of videos for my clients.

I'm also a content creator so I'm filming at least 2 to 3 times a week. The main reasons people hire me for videography is for wedding videos, music videos and content / marketing content. I use really good cameras and can shoot in a large range of settings. Most of my video lighting is portable and battery powered, so we can get great videos even in tougher locations. 

Let's connect

Phone 575-224-1727 feel free to call or text

Facebook Click here or search @jeffheveronphotovideo

Instagram Click here or search @jeffheveron

I'm available to talk about your needs and location almost any time.

Located in Roanoke Virginia and traveling anywhere in the USA!

I am based in Roanoke Virginia, but I love to travel. So whether you're looking for me to do product photography / videography around the world for your product or you'd like to do a destination event or wedding, I'm there!

Want to see my photography & videography work?

As a photographer I take a lot of pictures, usually over 1000 photos a week. Below I have images linked to different portfolio category. I encourage anyone looking to hire a photographer in Virginia or anywhere else to thoroughly look through a photographers work. I want to make sure I am the right person for your wedding, event, portraits, band or any other needs! I hope you enjoy the pictures I take.

Looking to purchase prints, wall art & more?

You can click anywhere in the section below or use the main menu to get to the fine art prints section.

* if you see an image you'd like to purchase that is not in the fine art print gallery, please contact me.


Hey, I'm Jeff.

I am a diverse and passionate photographer & videographer living in Roanoke Virginia and traveling wherever my clients need me!

For me, photography & videography are both a profession and a creative outlet.

I've had an interesting journey, that still continues. If you'd like to know more about me, here's my story.