Photography Services

With so many photographers out there, how do you choose? It really comes down to what you like. Each photographer has their own unique skills. What makes me different from other photographers is my background in marketing, graphic design, music and business. I combine my skill-sets to provide a wide range of services. The main reason people hire me is for events & weddings, portraits, and band photos. I also enjoy and am available for so much more. I love looking at other photographers work and continue my passion of taking artistic & creative photos.

Videography Services

My video services are also diverse. I am open to filming most types of video. The main thing I get hired for is wedding videos, music videos and company commercials. I am open to and enjoy shooting many types of video. A few of my recent videos include an elopement ceremony, a professional wrestling promo and documenting a company anniversary party.

In my personal time I film a lot of content creation videos for mental health, comedy, short films and documenting adventures.

Located in Roanoke Virginia and traveling anywhere in the USA!

I love taking pictures for my clients in and around Roanoke, I love to travel just as much. We have the blue Ride Parkway, amazing event venues and many other scenic places here, and so many more throughout the country. I look forward to traveling to your location for photography and video work! Planning a destination wedding? Love my photography and want me to come to you, Looking to capture your adventures while on vacation? I'd love to be your photographer.

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Phone 575-224-1727

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Want to see my photography & videography work?

As a photographer I take a lot of pictures, usually over 1000 photos a week. Below I have images linked to different portfolio category. I encourage anyone looking to hire a photographer in Virginia or anywhere else to thoroughly look through a photographers work. I want to make sure I am the right person for your wedding, event, portraits, band or any other needs! I hope you enjoy the pictures I take.

Looking to purchase prints, wall art & more?

You can click anywhere in the section below or use the main menu to get to the fine art prints section.

* if you see an image you'd like to purchase that is not in the fine art print gallery, please contact me.


Hey, I'm Jeff.

I am a diverse and passionate photographer & videographer living in Roanoke Virginia and traveling wherever my clients need me!

For me, photography & videography are both a profession and a creative outlet.

I've had an interesting journey, that still continues. If you'd like to know more about me, here's my story.