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Transform your vision into a visual masterpiece with my comprehensive videography and editing services. As an experienced videographer and editor, I cater to a variety of projects and styles, offering personalized solutions to bring your creative ideas to life:

   • Drone Video: As an FAA certified remote pilot I offer drone services for weddings, events, music videos, & more.

   • Music Videos: Showcase your musical talent and artistic expression

   • Brand Videos: Create captivating content for your brand or product

   • Event Highlights: Relive the excitement of special occasions and gatherings

   • Travel & Tourism Videos: Let's tell the story of your town, city, state or favorite destination. I work directly with travel and tourism departments to create compelling media you can use on your website, in marketing / media outlets, on social media.

   • Short Films: If you're a director or writer looking to hire a videographer, let's see about working together on your project.

   • Documentaries: Capture real-life stories and share unique perspectives with a documentary

I work closely with you throughout the entire process, from pre-production and planning to filming and post-production. Using high-quality equipment, I capture your vision with expert cinematography, ensuring that every shot is visually stunning and true to your creative concept.

In the editing stage, I meticulously piece together your footage, enhancing the visuals with color grading, sound design, and special effects as needed. My goal is to create a polished final product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Once your project is complete, I will provide you with a high-resolution digital copy, making it easy to share your masterpiece with friends, family, or audiences. With my videography and editing services, you can trust that your creative vision will be brought to life with skill, passion, and attention to detail.

The Power Generation: Board Game Launch Cinematic | Web & TV Commercial

*Defaults to low resolution, but you can change it to 4k for better quality

Step into the world of 'The Power Generation', a thrilling new board game that promises exhilarating adventures. Presented through the lens of [Your Company Name], our commercial spot aims to evoke the intrigue, strategy, and fun the game offers. Planning to launch a product and need a compelling visual story? Get in touch with us at 575-224-1727 or visit the contact page

Stephanie & Patrick: A Wedding Cinematic Tale

*Defaults to low resolution, but you can change it to 1080p for better quality

Journey with Stephanie and Patrick as they embark on life's most romantic chapter. Crafted by [Your Company Name], this wedding film captures the nuances, emotions, and moments that make their day uniquely unforgettable. Dreaming of preserving your special day with a similar cinematic touch?

Showcase: Electric Mobility Commercial

*Defaults to low resolution, but you can change it to 1080p for better quality

Dive into the future of transportation with this commercial spot, masterfully crafted by Synergy. From sleek electric scooters to dynamic E-bikes and luxurious electric golf carts, we've captured the essence of modern mobility for our esteemed client. Need compelling visuals for your brand? Let's electrify your audience together.

Rain & Snow Music Video

Rain & Snow by Sullivan Smith & Stray Lions

Music video directed, filmed and edited by: Jeff Heveron

recorded at "the space by Marshall Hicks & John Thompson

Special thanks to Josh and Birte of Dreamwood Stables

and Nathan Kellner

Shaelynn & Cody

Shaelynn & Cody eloped and then had a beautiful fall reception. Please enjoy their wedding video and their journey.

  • I encourage you to set the video to the best resolution your device can handle.

Miss Virginia Apartment refurnishing

Grand Home Furnishings generously donated furniture for the 2022 Miss Virginia and I was part of the Big Lick Entertainment team that helped capture the refurnishing!

Music Video for Same Story

This music video was created for the band Same Story for the release of their new album. The Song Thine Hands is the single from this new album. The Music video was filmed in Richmond VA over the course of 2 days at 4 different locations. The client wanted a gritty, dark looking video to compliment the song.

Birthday Video

This video was created for Babita's birthday. Shot in Roanoke Virginia. I love videoing all types of events! Please contact me to discuss exactly what you'd like.

Wedding Video

This video was created for a wonderful newlywed couple. Shot in North Carolina.

This is only one example of the style of wedding video I can do for you. Please contact me to discuss exactly what you'd like.

Tragic Impulse - Oubliette (Official Video)

Out of the Steel City of Pittsburgh comes the fourth album from electro-industrial powerhouse Tragic Impulse. This was the first video I created for Tragic Impulse.

*More music videos available upon request.

Wythe Raceway Schaeffer's Oil Summer Nationals 2022

This was a video I shot handheld in low light conditions at the Wythe Raceway for the Schaeffer's Oil Summer Nationals 2022.

Downshift Coffee commercial

This video was created for Downshift Bikes new coffee brand "Downshift Coffee"

I YA TOYAH - Puppet

This music video was created for I YA TOYAH as a fan video during a show they played in Roanoke VA.

*More music videos available upon request.

Kirby-Cundiff Insulation & Firestop Virginia

This is an interview with Greg Cundiff. Greg discusses some of the Kirby-Cundiff history and his passion to provide a workplace for people.

Computers in Roanoke - Social Media video

This video was created for social media, it uses text to move you through the advertisement, since many people do not use sound when viewing videos on social media.

*More social media videos available upon request.

Night Terror Music Video

This video was created to tell the story of serenity and chaos, based on the song's lyrics. Ok, ok... I also wrote it!

*More music videos available upon request.

Commercial for Kirby Cundiff Insulation

This video was in support of women in construction. It is a short, text based video.

*More videos available upon request.

From Life To Death - YouTube series

This video showcases filming & editing for a YouTube series.

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