Kirby-Cundiff Insulation & Firestop Virginia

This is an interview with Greg Cundiff. Greg discusses some of the Kirby-Cundiff history and his passion to provide a workplace for people.

Auto Sound Systems - Used Car's

Auto Sound Systems has been a client of mine for over 19 years. I've built numerous websites for them and handled all of their marketing. They opened a new used vehicle store and wanted to showcase it on their website.

*More promotional videos available upon request.

Computers in Roanoke - Social Media video

This video was created for social media, it uses text to move you through the advertisement, since many people do not use sound when viewing videos on social media.

*More social media videos available upon request.

Night Terror Music Video

This video was created to tell the story of serenity and chaos, based on the song's lyrics. Ok, ok... I also wrote it!

*More music videos available upon request.

Commercial for Kirby Cundiff Insulation

This video was in support of women in construction. It is a short, text based video.

*More videos available upon request.

Fallen to translucence - Music Video

This is an avant Garde music video done using green screen and heavy effects. THe style was meant to create a washed out & emotional journey to go with the obscure song.

From Life To Death - YouTube series

This video showcases filming & editing for a YouTube series.

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